Confirmation is for 6th- 8th grade students and then their 8th grade year they will be confirmed in May. This will be in front of the congregation so they can fully confirm the promises made at their baptism. 

What is Confirmation? 

Through Confirmation you "confirm" the promises made in faith at the time of your baptism. Our program is designed to help you better understand how you can keep those promises as you live as a follower of Jesus Christ. 


What does Advent's Confirmation Program look like?  

Advent's Confirmation Program is a 3 year program that rotates through 3 core curriculum. The 3 core curriculum is Bible, Jesus and Lutheranism.  

Advent also offers 5 other core essentials that Confirmation students can be involved in are: 

1) Fellowship- Having fun with other middle school students, building healthy friendships and growing in your faith. 


2) Summer Camp- The Summer camp experience is an experience that our Youth and Family Director would love the youth (high school youth included) to participate in. 


3) Retreats- Being involved in retreats that happen once a year will help youth dive deep into their spiritual journey, create fun new memories, and learn more about who they are as a follower of Jesus Christ. 


4) Worship- Being apart of a worship serivce is a great habit to get into. Confirmation students can help out in worship by being greeters, ushers, acolyte or a reader. 


5) Service- Allow Confirmation students to develop a servant's heart to those in need. Confirmation students will need 10 service credits. They can help out in the Nursery, at the Food Pantry at church, or with children ministry events. 

What happens after the youth are Confirmed? 

After the youth are confirmed the students would not only will the Confirmation students have learned a heap amount of content about the Bible, Jesus and the Lutheran belief for the past 3 years. They are now a members of Advent Lutheran Church, so they can vote on council members and other things like that. But the most important thing is the likelihood of them continuing their faith journey to high school and beyond is very high. Once they are confirmed their 8th grade year, they will be lovingly invited into the SR. High Youth Group, as they enter their nineth/freshman year.

Confirmation Students need each year (Confirmation is a 3 year program): 

10 Worship Notes

5 Service Notes 


For a total of: 

30 Worship notes

15 Service Notes

If you have any questions, please email our

Director of Youth and Family Minsitries, Ms. Joy